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Neural Interface

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Flexible electrodes
In order to provide chronic applications that offer long-term stability and precise measurements, flexible materials, such as those based on various polymers, are increasingly being integrated into the fabrication of microtechnologies. Multi-electrode arrays, also known as microelectrode arrays (MEAs), are one such field where flexible substrates are becoming critical components.
Neural probes
Traditional silicon-based neural probes have been widely used as multi-functional neuro tools that can read single-neuron signals as well as deliver drugs and other stimulants directly into the brain. Multifunctional probes that can simultaneously deliver stimulants and monitor neural circuits offer a promising approach to investigating the complexities of the brain.
Bio chips
The integration of microfluidics with microfabrication techniques has led to the development of miniaturized systems capable of biochemical assays at low cost and high throughput.
Bi-directional interface
Integration of various neural stimulators such as LEDs (optogenetics) and micromachined ultrasound transducers (CMUTs) with microelectrodes allow for simultaneous neural recording and neuromodulation.
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