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Biomedical Sensors

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Epidermal sensors
Epidermal systems based on ultra-thin and flexible electronics are promising next-generation wearable platforms that enable chronic monitoring of physiological signals in real-time. This long-term applicability is critical for chronic diseases that require constant recordings and on-demand therapeutic intervention directly through the skin.
Chemical sensors
Developing portable, miniaturized, and sensitive chemical sensor is essential for home healthcare and workplace safety. A capacitive micromachined ultrasound transducer (CMUT), a MEMS-based resonator that detects chemicals through the mass-loading mechanism, is suitable for the miniaturized chemical sensor systems due to its array structure, easy miniaturization, and high sensitivity. By coating CMUT devices with different chemically sensitive layers, multiplex detection of various chemical analytes such as volatile organic compounds (VOC) is possible, and CMUT-based chemical sensor systems serve as a promising platform for chemical monitoring applications.
  • Self-charging dual-modal sensor for glucose monitoring based on piezoelectric nanowire/microgel hybrid film
    H. Kim
    , S. Nam, M. B. Durukan, H. E. Unalan, and H. J. Lee*
    Advanced Functional Materials, 34(7), 2308086 (2023) [link]

  • A glucose-responsive microgel-based soft etalon as an epidermal glucose colormetric sensor
    S. Nam
    , H. Kim, S.-M. Lee, M. B. Durukan, H. E. Unalan, and H. J. Lee*
    Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 396, 134554 (2023) [link]

  • Miniature transparent dopamine sensor based on nanosphere lithography
    Y. Kim
    , E. Jang, Y. Lee, C. Oh, K. Kim, G. Kook, M. K. Kim, M. O. Lee, and H. J. Lee*
    ​Advanced Materials Technologies​, 2300006 (2023) [link]

  • Highly sensitive and selective detection of dopamine using overoxidized polypyrrole/sodium dodecyl sulfate-modified carbon nanotube electrodes

    G. Eom, C. Oh, J. Moon, H. Kim, M. K. Kim, K. Kim, J.-W. Seo, T. Kang, and H. J. Lee*

    Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 848, 113295 (2019) [link]

  • Fabrication of highly dense silk fibroin biomemristor array and Its resistive switching characteristics

    G. Kook, S. Jeong, M. K. Kim, S. Lee, N. Choi, and H. J. Lee*
    Material Technologies 5(4), 1900991 (2020) [link]
  • Wafer-scale multilayer fabrication for silk fibroin microelectronics

    G. Kook, S. Jeong, M. K. Kim, S. Lee, I.-J. Cho, N. Choi*, and H. J. Lee*
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 11 (1), 115-124 (2019) Featured as Front Cover [link]
  • CMUT-based resonant gas sensor array for VOC detection with low operating voltage

    S. Park, I. Yoon, S. Lee, H. Kim, J.-W. Seo, Y. Chung, A. Unger, M. Kupnik, and H. J. Lee*
    Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 273, 1556-1563 (2018) [link]